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Born in Asheville, North Carolina, Chef Marie discovered her culinary passion in a small Greek restaurant in Winston-Salem. Her journey led her to culinary school, and in 2009, she ventured to New York City. There, she worked under renowned chefs like Ghaya Oliviera at Boulud Sud and Chef Humm at The NoMad Hotel, solidifying her expertise.

Chef Marie’s culinary roots trace back to childhood memories of baking with her mom and experimenting with her dad. Her grandfather’s creamery added a sweet touch, fostering her lifelong love for ice cream. Beyond the kitchen, she enjoys exploring new places and indulging in crime documentaries.

Now, as the Executive Pastry Chef at Bludorn in Houston, Chef Marie is part of a dedicated team enhancing the city’s culinary scene. With a wealth of experience from top kitchens nationwide, she is excited to contribute to Houston’s diverse gastronomic landscape, bringing a new layer to the culinary tapestry of the city. Chef Marie’s journey reflects her dedication, creativity, and a genuine love for the art of cooking.