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Brad Leone is a bonafide swiss army knife – a trained chef, avid outdoorsman, skilled carpenter, entrepreneur, author, fermentation addict and beloved-by-millions internet star. He is the former host of the popular Bon Appetit YouTube series It’s Alive and celebrity-guest show Taste Testers. It’s Alive was nominated (Best TV Episodes 2019) and praised for it’s laid-back cooking show appeal mixed with educational sustainability, and adventure travel that has led to Leone’s rise of internet stardom. Originally from New Jersey, Leone learned to respect ingredients, hunt, fish, and fell in love with food as the universal language. Leone is co-founder of The Roost Festival, a New York Times Bestselling author with his debut book Field Notes for Food Adventure, and recently launched his own YouTube channel, with two series: ‘Makin’ It!’ and ‘Local Legends’.